Our story

“Something was missing in the big city: authenticity, Quality and client-focussed fashion service.”

We are two friends, Chiara and Martina, and the founders of Rays. We both grew up in Italy, but live and work in London having met at University more than 10 years ago. We have always shared a passion for the fashion industry and more than anything appreciated the beauty of “Made in Italy”. In a world where mass production is now taking over, our vision was born from the need to promote the craftsmanship, quality and attention to detail of Italian designs.

By living in London and travelling all over the world, we were able to experience different cultures and discover first-hand how the Made in Italy is valued globally; We would like to create a space where the unseen artisans and the best fashion makers of Italy can be discovered, as well as give to the clients the opportunity to create their own customized product.

About us

Our vision:
Uniqueness and Tradition

At Rays we want to link exclusivity and traditions. Our mission is to bring to our customers personalised, distinctive, differentiating from today’s mass consumption trends. We provide a range of products that clients can create design according to their own taste and style, crafted by expert Italian artisans and designers using only high quality materials 100% made in Italy.

Two key words: customizations and high-quality materials. Our mission is to provide bespoke designs using Italian artisans crafted from top-quality materials. We provide clients the opportunity to create something special, unique and able to meet their specific needs and whilst also giving Italian artisans the opportunity to export their exclusive products worldwide.

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