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Combining high-quality, distinctive materials, with expert designer and artisans.

Italian identity is another characteristic of our business. We want to promote the craftsmanship and authenticity of Italian hand-made products. We are proud to be partnered with designers and artisans all over Italy, each creating unique pieces with extreme accuracy and attention to details.

At Ray’s, Tradition and innovation walk hand- in- hand, and navigating our website you will be able to discover some of the most prominent fashion houses from Italy, together with emerging and innovative designers producing tomorrow’s trends. Italy is highly regarded for its textile production. From North to South, Italy is divided into ”production districts”, where each region is characterized by a legacy of materials and craftsmanship.
Each district specialises in distinct activities such as spinning, weaving and finishing, utilising a range of raw materials (wool, leather, silk, cotton etc). They are each known for their distinct production techniques and high quality production standards.

Our goal is to connect you to regional Italian designers, working only with selected high- quality products which form part of their local production legacy, crafted and tailor- made for you.
Below you can find a brief introduction of our partners and their stories.

Our partners

Our partners

Prato (FI)

Pelletteria New Line

The Pelletteria New Line company is a leather goods manufacturer based in Prato. It was founded in 1991 by Maurizio Sacco, an entrepreneur with decades of experience in the sector.

«Throughout these years, we acquired a great deal of knowledge – Maurizio tells us. We are an artisan company that supports the client at 360°, evaluating everything from the style to the sample and even the production of small lots». As well as working for a num- ber of Luxury brands, for over twenty years New Line has also worked with start-ups, emerging brands that then establish themselves on the national and inter- national markets. At the same time, the company also develops its own lines of men’s & women’s handbags, which are mainly handmade.

Roma (RM)


Bespoke shoes Marini stilish brand is deeply rooted in the shoemaking abilities of Cav. Giuseppe Marini, who founded in 1899 his own school for shoemakers, and opened a boutique and a laboratory in the hearth of Rome, in Via Crispi 97.

The brand soon became highly desired by top-level international personalities, sovereigns, actors, politicians, businessmen. Luigi Einaudi, President of the Italian Republic, honored the Marini brand investing Giuseppe Marini as “Knight of Labor”. When Giuseppe Marini passed away in 1966, he handed over the legacy to his two sons, Felice and Benedetto, and his young nephew Carlo, ready to follow the father’s lead after years of experience in the workshop. For over 100 years, Marini Calzature remains loyal to its heritage and manufacturing techniques, faithfully tracing its true origins and traditions with every creation to this present day. Each piece is entirely hand-made, from the direct measurement of each collector’s foot until the finishing touches of the final product. Carlo Marini and his skillful team, still oversee and craft every detail in the 200 different steps necessary to create a bespoke pair of shoes proudly labeled by Marini Calzature.

Prato (FI)

Sartoria 74

Haute couture, luxury and elegance are the three words that express better the identity of the newbrand: Sartoria 74.
Sartoria 74 is a factory of small and big dreams. Fine fabrics, stylistic research, imagination and creativity accompany the creation of magnificent collections.

The idea comes from the creative genius of Couturière Francesca Ciccarelli.
She has been grown up in this refined world, influenced by the Neapolitan sartorial tradition; she has tried, since she was a child, through teachings that have been handed down from generation to generation, in the most exciting of adventures: giving dreams.

Francesca Ciccarelli (foto)

Needles, thread, balls of yarn and irregular islands made of iridescent fabrics that after days of meticulous work and craftsmanship became fantastic dresses.
At that time I was still a child, but observing my grandmother and then over the years my aunt I realized that I was already madly in love with what is commonly called fashion.

Influenced by the centuries of old Neapolitan tailoring tradition, my first creations, my first train, were tailor-made suits and wedding dresses entirely handmade.
Later I decided to specialize in modeling starting to produce samples for third parties, and after 10 years I opened my first tailor's shop, dedicating to the manufacture of unique tailored garments and to the production for some famous brands.

Firenze (FI)

Artiglieria Fiorentina

Artiglieria Fiorentina was born in 2018 in the heart of Tuscany, the area known as the “Comprensorio del cuoio” from the idea of Leonardo Coscia, who wanted to create leather accessories and celebrate the value of the authentic Made in Italy.

Using the best vegetable tanned leathers – the ancient and long tanning with vegetable tannins that makes our territory its excellence, combining tradition and innovation, Artiglieria Fiorentina imagines, creates and produces unique items in their nuances, worked with manual techniques handed down from generation after generation, regardless of globalization and modern market laws, in an attempt to transmit the ancient culture of doing and thinking through their products.

Porto Sant’Elpidio (FM)


How was the first Made in Italy tempered glass Papillon born?
It all started in March 2014 during a normal workday, Umberto sees his father carving a mirror in the shape of a man and thus decides to apply a glass bow tie to him. He liked the idea, to the point of wearing it himself. Between surprise and disbelief, he decided to take the path that led him to be known as the inventor of the first tempered bow tie glass.
It was born for fun, carrying on a family tradition, promoting craftsmanship, and changing his life by doing what he likes best: inventing/innovating.
Tradition meets innovation. Tradition in making them, innovation in wearing them.
POCULUM is totally safe and totally handmade in every detail. Each customer wears history, wears the difference, each model is one of a kind, wearing POCULUM means wearing Made in Italy.
POCULUM completely distorts this accessory, not diminishing its timeless charm but making it the absolute protagonist of both male and female looks; POCULUM it’s trendy and improves every day, churning out fantasies of all kinds, thanks to the sandblasting technique, which brings out the magical properties of glass to the maximum.

Firenze (FI)


The story of Sartoria Vanni dates all the way back to 1818 with the opening of a small tailor shop in the heart of Florence, Italy.

All our garments are Made in Italy in their entirety, bringing to life and exemplifying meticulous skills and a tailoring aptitude that you will rarely otherwise come across. 

The generous range of prestigious fabrics sourced from the world’s most exclusive suppliers (including Loro Piana, Dormeuil or Thomas Mason), the exclusive patterns and elaborate textures as well as the broad selection of sartorial details will inspire you to explore, cultivate and perfect your own personal style.

We focus on creating exceptionally well made garments that are as timeless, classic and elegant as it can possibly be.

Napoli (NA)

Giammarco Saviano Tailoring

Giammarco Saviano Tailoring Napoli makes tailor-made high tailoring articles following the processing of traditional Italian tailoring,
the “Neapolitan” specifically.

“The essence of Luxury”, created by the dream of an entire Collection of Apparel, Shoes and Accessories “Ready to Wear” together
with our exclusive worldwide  service  wherever  you  are (for man and woman)  “Private Tailor Service – Bespoke in the world”, is
focused on the Nobility of Craftsmanship and the use of luxurious materials.

The continuous Merceological research,  the exaltation of authentic, refined.

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